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Mobile Grooming for Cats & Dogs

About Aussie Pet Mobile Greater Nashville & Middle TN

Aussie Pet Mobile is committed to Provide Quality Grooms and Loving Attention to Your Cats and Dogs

About the Franchise Owner

My name is Jeff Lichterman and I am Leader of the Pack here at Aussie Pet Mobile Greater Nashville & Middle TN. After spending 3 years helping grow the Memphis Aussie Pet Mobile location to the top producing franchise in the world, I purchased the existing franchise here in Nashville in March of 2017. Taking everything we learned in Memphis, we have successfully rebuilt this franchise to be one of the Crown Jewels of Aussie Pet Mobile, nationally.  We did this by making sure that our staff and every one of our clients (those with fur and those with skin) feel as though they are part of our family. I look forward to continuing to get to know each of you and your individual needs to serve you better. Thank you for your trust in Aussie!

Our Team

Kara Redden – Bark-It Manager

My name is Kara Redden. I have been a pet groomer since 1999. I was fortunate enough to learn from some of the top industry leaders in the country. I am now looking forward to a semi-retirement from grooming and actually work behind the scenes, in the office, for Aussie Pet Mobile.I have been married for 17 years and we have 4 kids. We are a very active outdoor family who enjoys hiking, canoeing, horseback riding and traveling. I am also a huge fan of forensic criminology, and spend much of my spare time reading anything I can get my hands on to pertaining to the subject.

Charles Seiberling – Lead Pet Stylist

I am a nerdy guy that really enjoys taking care of fur babies. I started in the grooming industry as a bather in 2014 and worked up to be a pet stylist through dedication and hard work. Best part of the job, besides puppy kisses, is when I get to do interesting and unique hair styles so don’t be afraid to ask me if you want to try a new style. During my off time me and my wife like to collect and read comics, play video games, and watch all kinds of movies together. I am very fond of animation so I never miss any animated movie and enjoy anime and other cartoons at home. I am always happy and excited to meet new pets and I can’t wait to meet yours!

Alex Georgeadis – Pet Stylist

I’m a 24 year old Biology major who enjoys working with animals every day. I’m proud to help others keep their fur babies beautiful, happy, and healthy. When I’m not working, I’m at home taking care of my own fur baby, a loving Boxer-Pitbull named Leela. I also enjoy spending my free time with my best friend and partner in crime for life, reading, being a part of community theatre when I get the chance and time, playing video games, watching Mystery Science Theatre 3000, or enjoying the beauty of nature and the outdoors. I’m also a Slytherin, but I identify more as a Hufflepuff.

Keith Brown – Pet Stylist

Hello my name is Keith. I’ve been grooming dogs for five years. I have three dogs. Savannah, Henry, Bo Bo, and kitty cat, Homie. All rescues. I’ve always insisted on doing work I love. Before pet grooming, I put myself through college and received a BS degree in horticulture. Worked in and around McMinnville Tennessee, the nursery capital of the world, for almost 25 years. There’s just something about caring for plants and animals that brings fulfillment to my life. In my spare time I enjoy biking and video games. I’m also crazy about anything related to science fiction and Technology. I look forward to serving you and caring for all your amazing Pets and fur babies.

Kathleen Saller – Pet Stylist

I have been grooming since 2007. I love learning new techniques and continuing my education in the grooming Industry. There’s nothing like going to work and getting dogie kisses and making pets feel and look beautiful. I have two wonderful children and a loving husband. I can’t imagine life without them. That also goes for our two cats Pao and Felicia. I enjoy being outdoors camping, hiking, and spending time with my family. If I’m not outdoors, I’m with my large immediate family of 5 sisters and 2 brothers. We cook a lot and enjoy karaoke. I try to mostly take it easy and stop to smell the roses.

Kim Garrison – Pet Stylist

I’ve been grooming since 2006. I learned to groom in Knoxville at Concord School of Pet Grooming where I worked for almost 2 years before moving to Nashville. I get a lot of satisfaction in seeing the dogs before and then after the groom. I live in Murfreesboro with my husband and two dogs Luke and Daisy. We enjoy spending time outside biking, canoeing and hiking. We’re trying to go to all the national parks in Tennessee. I look forward to meeting you and making your babies beautiful.

Savanna Speakman – Pet Stylist

My name is Savanna, I have been grooming since I was old enough to hold a pair of scissors! Having grown up in the dog industry with my mother we both were professional handlers showing all breeds. I have successfully shown at the Eukanuba National Dog Show and have had Top Dogs show at Westminster National Dog Show as well. I strive to show all my Pet Parents a professional and happy experience with each visit.

Kelly O’Connell – Pet Stylist

Hello my name is Kelly. I have been grooming since 2017. I have two dogs of my own named Charlie and Lady. I have always had a passion for animals and enjoy working with them. The best part of my job is making your fur babies look like Kings and queens. The doggie kisses and hugs are great too. I look forward to meeting each and everyone of you and developing a relationship that will last a lifetime.

Ben Roehrich – Road Dog

I’m Ben 39 year old Father of two boys. Rescuer of dogs (and groomers) as I keep their vans on the road as the mechanic for Aussie Pet Mobile.

Our Mission

“A Premier Professional Grooming Service throughout Middle Tennessee”

Our mission is to provide caring, exceptional pet grooming in Middle Tennessee by having Pet Stylists who build relationships with our clients, both 2 legged and 4 legged. By welcoming our customers, both old and new, into our Aussie Family, we are committed to having a fun, compassionate environment where stylists are appreciated with a commitment to maintaining clean, well-operating mobile spas.

Our team is committed to a relationship based on trust and integrity; we do this by demonstrating loyalty and appreciation for each other, by extending it to all of our clientele and by making sure that we provide an exceptional grooming experience. This commitment is to all pets; those in the homes we visit as well as those who reside at Humane Societies and Rescue Shelters.

Our Values:

  • Loyalty and appreciation – We are devoted to each other and appreciate everyone’s effort in providing an exceptional experience for our clients.
  • Caring – We are committed to our clients and our staff both within our professional and personal relationships.
  • Integrity – We treat all clients and team members fairly and honestly. Our word is our bond.
  • Cleanliness – We maintain our Mobile Spas at or above industry standards ensuring a clean and healthy environment for the pets in our care and for our team members.
  • Hardworking and Thorough – By following the standards of Aussie Pet Mobile, we ensure that all of our procedures including a 15 step groom and additional services are consistently done correctly regardless of the additional time that it may require.
  • Fun – While pet grooming is a challenging industry, we want to build a camaraderie between team members and our clientele that is both enjoyable and energizes our passion for all of our fur babies.

About Aussie Pet Mobile

stock-gallery-11Company History

Founded in Australia in 1996, Aussie Pet Mobile established its global headquarters in the United States in 1999 and has grown to become the number one brand in mobile pet grooming worldwide. Our commitment to quality, care, convenience, and loving attention to pets of all shapes and sizes has enabled us to expand rapidly across the United States. More than 70 franchisees serve the millions of households that own dogs and cats. Internationally we operate in Canada, Greece and Saudi Arabia.

apm-eco-earthAbout Aussie Pet Mobile

Each mobile pet grooming unit is custom designed with air conditioning, heat, electricity, and water, and relies on no outside electrical or water hookups. The van’s spacious interior helps pets maneuver easily and enhances the groomer’s ability to ensure all of the pet’s needs are met. Aussie Pet Mobile certified and trained groomers will pamper your pets with personal, 100% cage free, one-on-one attention in the comfort of their own driveway.